+ 'congratulations today to bill clinton', craig ferguson offers, 'back in america today after going to north korea and freeing the two journalists. its pretty amazing. to be fair, it wasnt that difficult for bill clinton, he's used to sneaking women out of government buildings. 'dont you girls worry, this is not my first time bringing two chicks home, alright?' now the two journalists are from al gore's tv network 'current tv'. thats what its called, current tv. which surprised me, when i heard al gore had a network, i thought 'well, its got to be the food network, clearly'. you got to wonder how that feels, having bill clinton rescue al gore's employees. thats like NBC relying on jay leno to save their entire network- that would be insane! your welcome visiting television critics in los angeles. now, when the plane left north korea with the women on board there was jubilant celebration, then bill found out they were both married so things quited down a bit. they landed in l.a. this morning, its quite a contrast between l.a. and north korea, one is a cruel place filled with soulless people who are despised by most americans, and of course the other one is north korea. after the journalists landed al gore gave a speech, of course. now i dont want to say al gore went on too long, but about half way through, the women were like 'we can go back to prison if you want'. one of the imprisoned journalists said that when she saw bill clinton she knew that her nightmare was over. i'm thinking 'well this shows how times change', ten years ago when a woman saw bill clinton she knew her troubles were just about to begin!'
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