+ 'this week, if you're a real biker, you're probably headed to the sturgis motorcycle rally', craig ferguson shares, 'all week long in sturgis there has been a gathering of bikes, and biker mamas, and the men who ride the both. they have been doing the sturgis motorcycle rally in sturgis north dakota since 1938. sturgis is a town with about 6,000 people in it, but they are expecting about half a million bikers in sturgis this year, that is a lot of mustaches and leather packed into a very small place- its like a party at ryan seacrest's. every year the annual motorcyle rally is followed by the annual pick the bugs out of your beard festival. anyway, there's something about a guy on a motorcyle, its like 'i aint living by your rules'. real bikers give you other hints, you know, like the long beard, the bad ass boots, a kick in the nuts. i'll never forget, in arizona once, this is true, i saw a guy on a motorcycle, a big american motorcycle, no helmet and a gun strapped to his back. i'm like 'this is the best country in the world!'.'

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