+ as craig ferguson reads the emails, he comes across this gem : 'this one is from joe bob in hicksville kentucky. maybe its joe and bob they got together to write an email. 'yehaw!' thats how he starts, 'yehaw', 'how are ya doing?' alright, get on with it, 'my pa tells me you were once a member of the sex pistols, which one were you? the one with the tongue or the one dressed like a cat?'.' craig finds this one especially amusing and begins genuinely cracking up, 'i get asked this all the time' he says sarcastically, and continues to laugh hysterically. 'man, you know, i used to worry before i went to see a therapist, that i was crazy. i'm not crazy, i'm just like you'. then craig remembers the email again and falls into fits of laughter 'the cat?!? what is the cat?!? the cat wasnt even in the village people! was there a cat in the banana splits? i dont even think there was a cat in the banana splits! damn. we have to take a break after that one...'
- radha mitchell
- jason ritter finally! after all that waiting, jason is finally on!

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