craigs new tatoo

it seems that while craig ferguson was away from the show and it was in reruns he was busy getting inked! on the view he talked about his new tattoos. he has one on his right arm, which is the ferguson crest, which he got when his father died. the second one he got on his left arm for his mother, as he tells it 'my mother died less than a year ago, and i started to hear her say 'oh, what a lovely tattoo you got for your father...' so i had to get a tattoo for my mother'.
he also decided to get another tattoo, because apparently you should never have an even number of tattoos. his reasoning is this: 'my body was turning into a bit of a church yard, it was like tombstones on it, i wanted something for me, something life affirming. its kind of personal as well, its a new thought, the new world. i kind of like that.'
when asked by the women of the view why he got the one on his forearm, he replied 'its from a cartoon. actually in 1754 ben franklin had it in the newspaper, it was a symbol originally for the colonists to unite together against a common threat, and it became a revolutionary symbol. i got it cause i'm an american, and i wanted to have an american tattoo.

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