+ at the end of his monologue tonight, craig ferguson jokes 'we have to take a break now for some cartoons. wouldn't it be awesome if the break really was cartoons? not that commericals arent awesome, they are great, the pay my wages... wouldnt it be great, just once, to go 'lets take a break for cartoons!' we should have cartoons. you know, i'm fed up with this late night bullshit, we should get... remember 'pee wee's playhouse'? we should get chairy- remember chairy? he was like a chair that talks. i miss chairy! we should have chairy back, can we get chairy on the show? chairy, if you are out there watching... oh, and the genie as well! 'meka leka hi, meka hidy ho!' he'd do very well here!'
+ a skit where sean connery appears on a bunch of different shows
+ the rather late programme with prince charles

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