+ 'mount everest is the highest point on earth', craig ferguson begins to explain, 'some scientists argue that willie nelson's tour bus is actually the highest place on earth. the mountaineer sir edmund hillary is famous for being the first person to climb to the top of mt. everest, but what they dont talk about is the guide, the local guide who showed him the way to the top. you're thinking 'how does he know the way?' its true, there was a local guide, named tenzing norgay, he had to carry sir edmund hillary's stuff, you know, his tennis racket, his tea making equipment and everything, his ipod, i dont know what the hell he was carrying. the guide was like 'just go right up here' 'how do you know? no one has ever climbed here before' 'umm, i came by this way before once'. anyway, that was 50 years ago. today rich yuppies climb everest all the time to impress their friends. you know whats at the top of everest now? a starbucks!'
+ micheal caine's animal kingdom

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