criag's assistant bridger

criag ferguson introduces the newest assistant on his show, bridger wineger! craig starts off the show by interrogating him: 'its bridger, everybody! ever worked on any other late night shows before?' he replies 'yeah, i worked for the letterman show'. 'oh, david letterman? at 11:30 on cbs? so lets see, you are a red haired gentleman. that would be fare to say, wouldnt it? you used to be on at 11:30, but now you have changed your time slot. let me put it to you, bridger, if thats really your name! that your idea was to actually be on tbs with your new show, but somehow you slipped in here with all our glamour! dude, you have to know that working for dave to working here is not a step up... well, we wont to make you welcome, so everyone who watching this show would like to welcome you. is this your first day?" craig asks. 'its my second week' bridger responds. 'i dont pay a lot of attention around here. but i ran into you today, didnt i? i said 'your new kid, arent you?' i asked if you wanted to be on tv and you said that you already have been on dave. bridger, imagine yourself in a 19th century private school in britain. i will be performing the role of school bully. you will play the cute young boy that everyone identifies with but they secretly like me because i'm the sexy one... its not going to be like that, dont worry. but i do warn you, occasionally we do musical numbers and the cutest member of staff has to dress up in the leather outfit. did they mention that in the interview?'
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