+ craig ferguson shows off a dalek, one of the bad guys from dr. who, in anticipation of the dr. who themed episode on tomorrow.
+ its a great day for our president obama', craig ferguson states, 'a few hours from now his new book hits the stores, he wrote a childrens book. good for him, i say. its called 'of thee i sing'. he actually wrote the book a couple of years ago. i dont think the book publishers are that smart though, they had this book a couple of years ago, and they are thinking 'obama is so popular, if we wait two years into his presidency he will be even more popular!' oops. all the royalties of obama's book will go an organization that needs the money: the obama reelection campaign. i look forward to your letters... no, the royalties are actually going to a scholarship fund. a lot of people think that writing a childrens book will be easy, but its not. you need to write things down and draw pictures! you need to have a moral, or a lesson at the end, like green eggs and ham. the moral was you can eat spoiled meat if you want. anyway, dr. suess was one of the greatest children's book writers of all time. though he was great, but to be fair, it is easier to write a story that rhymes if you just make up words in the middle of it. if you want to impress me, dr. suess, you should try to rhyme a difficult word like nantucket! dr. suess wasnt a real doctor, just like dr. phil. it would be really annoying though if your real doctor could only speak in rhymes: 'to read your file i need my spectacles, now pull down your pants and show me your testicles'.'

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