+ craig ferguson pitches a new comic book superhero to stan lee: invisible clothes man! for some reason stan doesnt go for it.
+ 'its a great day if you like andy warhol', craig ferguson shares, 'yesterday andy warhol's painting of a coke bottle sold for a record 34 million dollars. it only says 'coca-co', and for an extra 10 million they give you the 'la'. actually, its supposed to be like that, thats what makes it art. otherwise it would just be a commercial. not that theres anything wrong with commercials, i love commercials, they are my bread and butter. or, whos sponsoring tonight? not bread and butter, my guess is they are my car and boner pills... people say they buy art like this because its a great conversation piece. but i'm thinking what kind of conversation is inspired by a seven foot painting of a coke bottle? 'well, thats a big coke bottle there' 'yup' 'so, do you have a painting of a glass with some ice?'. you know, andy warhol painted soup cans that sold for millions. which i bet must piss of the guy who actually painted the cans!'
+ intern rehearsal theater

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