+ 'theres a new movie out today that i'm very excited about', craig ferguson admits, 'its called 'unstoppable'. its about a train thats... unstoppable. cause when i first heard about a movie called unstoppable, i thought its about me with a bedazzler. you've got to think though, that a solution for a runaway train seems pretty simple. 'aw, the trains out of control!' well, we'll stay out off the tracks then. just stay off the tracks, lower the gates, then we will wait till the train runs out of gas. but that would be the end of the movie though, wouldnt it? its like that movie return of the king. 'the kings back. right.' you know in old movies they used to use a shot of a train going through a tunnel as code for sex. for a long time i thoughts thats how you made a baby. and thats the story of how my penis was run over by a train. anyway, the movie unstoppable stars denzel washington and chris pine. now, i like chris pine, he was captain kirk in the new star trek movie. he piloted the spaceship enterprise, and now he's driving the train in this movie. now obviously this guy is good at operating heavy machinery in a movie. and right now the producers of a movie called 'crazy fork lift' are going 'weve found our man!'.'
+ billy gardell stops by to help out with the twitters and emails.

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