+ 'president obama is in indonisia today and meeting with the current president there', craig ferguson shares, 'president obama lived in indonisia as a kid, and its always weird going back to your childhood haunts. it would be like me going back to scotland to see the dumpsters i slept in and the jail cells i woke up in. but theres also bad memories, so i dont know if i would. i like it when politicians visit the places they spent their youth, cause we learn something about them. during the bush administration, dick chaney would often go back to the death star. you know when president obama lived in indonisia he was known as berry. thats what everyone called him: barry. thats adorable! its not unusual to have a different name as a kid, when i was growing up people called me tubby. and when i say people, i mean my family. barry doesnt sound much like a president though, barry sounds like a guy who gets drunk at a party and throws up in an aquarium. 'barry threw up in the aquarium and the fish ate it!' 'well, thats barry!' 'thats barry' was filmed in front of a live studio audience... anyway, i read this today: when obama was living in indonisia he had a gay nanny. it what you call, i suppose, a ganny. this is true, the gay nanny joined a transvestite dance group. you cant make this up, its true! the gay nanny joined a transvestite dance group called 'the fantastic dolls'. i dont think they needed to be called 'fantastic', i think its implied! the fantastic dolls were just like the pussycat dolls only without the... well, nevermind what they were without. do you know that when the news came out that obama had a gay nanny that became a transvestite, glen beck stopped crying for a minute.'

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