+ 'its a big night for tv tonight', craig ferguson shares, 'earlier tonight president bush sat down for an hour long interview with matt louwer, and i watched the whole thing because we are live, and it was awesome! i liked it when matt louwer asked him about that thing and then bush gave him that answer and matt used his listening face, then i liked it when bush turned the tables and he started asking matt questions like 'is that stuff on your head really hair or is it metal filings? why arent there term limits on willard scott? where did you put the rest of al roker?' he could have asked them that! anyway, bush, george w. bush was on promoting his new memoir. memoir is a fancy french word for 'a bunch of stuff that happened to me'. in the future, of course, people wont write memoirs. cause we've got the twitter now, so they write as it happens. but its mundane stuff like 'had a sandwich. met bob saget. slightly disappointed. i thought bob was gay, he didnt seem to be gay, but he did buy the sandwich'. anyway, bush's memoir is a 512 pages long. thats a lot, but to be fair, 200 of those pages are just games and puzzles. in the middle there is an iraq maze thats almost impossible to get out of...'

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