the dr. who themed episode!
+ criag ferguson apologizes for not being able to perform the theme song from dr. who because they didnt get clearance for the music rights to it. he was quite pissed about the whole thing!
+ 'it is a great day for us at this show, and a great day for me personally', craig ferguson shares, 'because matt smith is here, the star of the dr. who show. this show, dr. who, has been close to my heart since i was a young girl. now, if youve never seen the dr. who show, its on bbc america. i like bbc america, its not as good as cbs of course. now, for those of you who have never seen dr. who, first of all wha?!? secondly, its about a time lord, alien, a doctor if you will, that travels through time in a phone booth. an idea that was flat out stolen by bill and ted. excellent adventure, my ass! by the way, 'excellent adventure my ass' is the name of a movie i've had an idea to write. i'll try to get keanu reeves, but i dont think he will do it... anyway, matt smith plays the dr. now i like the dr., cause hes not like a regular superhero, hes like a different superhero. he doesnt fly, he doesnt have laser beam eyes, he doesnt have six pack abs, he has intellect. he has intellect, an attainable power for all. he achieves things with just his mind. and a phone booth that travels through time, and the power to regenerate his body from one form into another, and a magical screwdriver. but apart from that, hes just like us. now the doctor has been played by 11 different people, kind of like cher. technically cher is one person, but is made up from parts of 11 different people. thats why dr who has been on tv for so long, you see, cause when the main actor quits they replace him with another one and they say he regenerated. see? at least they explained it, when dick york turned into dick sargent on bewitched they didnt even bother to explain it! by the way, dick sargent was my rank in the west hollywood volunteer army... they didnt ask, and i didnt tell.'
+ chris hardwick, a HUGE doctor who fan, stops by to help with the tweets and emails!
- matt smith his first american interview ever!

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