+ 'it is friday, and its a big weekend coming up, its halloween on sunday', craig reminds, 'halloween on sunday is kind of nice, i can spend the whole weekend fine tuning my costume. i'm going to be the most bedazzling ghost ever! actually, i'm too lazy to make a real costume, i'll just take off everything except my socks and i'll just go as charlie sheen. thats what i'll do! i'll run around in my socks and say 'boo!' i'm honestly looking forward to sunday night, you know, hearing all the screaming and seeing the monsters and nightmarish imagery, then i'll turn off the campaign adds and wait for the trick-or-treaters! everyone likes halloween here, in west hollywood its a big deal. there is a huge parade in west hollywood this weekend, the come from all over the world to see it. 'hey you guys really know how to celebrate, this is the best halloween ever!' and people are like 'its halloween? we do this everyday. is this a parade? i thought i was in line for starbucks'. i love the west hollywood halloween parade, you know, the dressing up and wearing leather and assless chaps and stuff. it doesnt celebrate the grizzly part of halloween, i hate that. you know, people make their front lawn into a graveyard with zombies writhing on the ground. ugh. if i wanted to see a scary creature writhing on the ground, i'd throw david haselhoff a hamberger.'
- jason segel he even helps out with the tweets

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