+ in the opening bit danny devito tries to convince craig ferguson to help him sell horse meat from the trunk of his car...
+ 'theres a new book in stores today', craig shares, 'if you are too young to know what a book is, its like a long papery blog. the book is called 'life', its the autobiography of keith richards. now, if you are too young to know keith richerds, think of a jonas brother with more life experience, heroin, and talent. now, i downloaded it to my kindle, and now my kindle needs to go to rehab, where it awaits the arrival of charlie sheen. i havent read keiths book, but i'm very curious about it. aparently he says he has a secret longing to be a librarian. i think he just got confused and misspelled lesbian. people think that keith is drugged out, but he's not. keith quit cocaine in 2006 after he fell out of a tree. i can sympathize, i quit acid in the 11980's after being attacked by an imaginary duck. now, i cant condone cocaine, unless you are using it to stay up late to watch this show. actually, that would be a depressing waiste of cocaine. cbs cares. the book was culled from keith richards private letters and diaries. its hard to imagine keith richards keeping a diary: 'dear diary, does mick jagger like me? or like me like me?'.'

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