+ 'with all the bruhaha about charlie sheen its almost possible to forget that halloween weekend is upon us', craig ferguson reminds, 'it starts at midnight thursday night because thats when the movie saw 3D opened. i've never seen any of these saw movies, or i should say i never saw saw. you know when the first one came out there were a bunch of those abbott and costello type things: 'i just saw saw' 'saw what?' 'saw saw' 'what'd you see?' 'i saw saw' 'shut up you fat drunk!' anyway, there have been seven of those movies. i remember when the first one came out back in 2004. oh, time flies when you are cutting your own foot off. i wont be seeing saw 3D, slasher movies are not my cup of tea, not in 3D anyway. if i wanted to see body parts come flying toward me, i'd rent a hotel room with charlie sheen. i want to talk about these saw movies though, horrible things happen to people in these movies, their limbs get twisted, their bodies get cut up, they get blasted in the face with toxic gasses. actually, thats the jackass movies. saw 3D is coming out just after jackass 3D. i'm sick of the 3D, those glasses are disgusting. you never know how many people have had them on their faces before you. they're just like the kardashians.'
- michael caine sporting a great looking beard!

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