+ 'finally the 2010 elections are over.' craig ferguson shares, 'finally we can get started on the campaign for 2012! hurray! after the elections last night fox news was like 'its a big upset!' and msnbc was like 'there were no surprises', and the E channel was like 'we need more kardashians!', the bravo channel was like 'your not wearing that, mister', and cbs was like 'finally nothing new about charlie sheen!' i watched the election coverage last night on cnn and i was very distracted, theres a lot of guys hunched over a bunch of laptops, a lot of noise going on, they were constantly being interrupted by the loud graphics and computer updates and the text messages from brett favre. 'wow, theres a big swing to the right in minnesota'. well not that big, but its cold in minnesota. you know who did very well yesterday was the tea party! wow! they say that the tea party is sending a message, but i'm not sure what that message is. i think the message is 'were the tea party, we hate... coffee'. you know, i just think they need to pick a tougher name, thats what i'm saying. tea party doesnt sound that intimidating, it sounds like something i do every sunday with my ferrets.'
+ lewis black stops by to help with emails and tweets

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