craig ferguson's doctor who intro

what a shame! craig ferguson and his crew had prepared an introduction for the dr. who themed episode, but found out after they had filmed it that they had not secured the rights to the dr. who theme music! 'so tonight because its a dr. who special, we had this idea to do with the dr. who theme music' craig shares, 'i had written some words over top of it, and we all did a dance number and we rehearsed it, the last two days we rehearsed it, rehearsed it like crazy! the puppets were in it, we were like 'ooh!' and there was a whole big thing, cause i know you enjoy the puppet intros, and i do to. and look, these guys dont dress like this all the time! so anyway, five minutes before we start tonight, i'm not kidding, five minutes, the producers, and i use that term loosely, they came to me and said 'craig, we havent got legal clearance to use the song. i said 'you fucking assholes! what the fuck?!?' but luckily i didnt let it get me angry or affect me in any way...'
later in the show as he is talking to chris hardwicke, craig says 'it would be a shame if someone were to leak the intro online...' and wouldnt you know it, someone did! check out the hilarious intro with craig, his dancers, geoff, secretariat, and even with dr. who himself: matt smith! you can find it on chris' website here. check it out, its really funny!

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