+ 'at my house, christmas is at a fever pitch', craig ferguson shares, 'my son is 8 and a half, so there is a lot of jumping up and down, looking for presents, crawling up the chimney- and my son is pretty excited too. he's at the age where he's starting to suspect that santa clause might not be what he appears, and i understand that. when i was his age i was suspicious too, i remember i used to leave refreshments for santa: cookies and whiskey. thats refreshments where i come from. we used to have that at half time at soccer games at school. 'alright children, come over for your cookies and whiskey!' 'ok, thank you!' anyway, we would leave cookies and whiskey out for santa. then the next morning i noticed my dad's breath smelled like whiskey and cookies. then i realized the awful truth: my dad had been making out with santa!'
+ an interview with tim meadows from the mall of america

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