+ 'i have some news', craig ferguson admits, 'i would like to announce that i am retiring. i just have to say that i refuse to go on after jay leno. like everyone else... of course the big news in tv today is conan o'brian, in a written statement, that he will not do the tonight show after jay leno, which means he quit. i think. but he also said that he wants the tonight show the best it can be, which means he didnt quit. i think. i have no idea, but i'm sure the lawyers will figure it out. because thats the best way for two parties who cant agree on anything to work things out- get some lawyers in there! get it all worked out, it worked for my first two marriages- it worked for the lawyers anyway...' 'we've got to take a break. i'm frightened to take a commerical break cause i dont know if my job will be here when i get back. i suppose i better than. look, if i take a break and you come back and its jay leno, you'll know what happened.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: sobaco- armpit!
- carey mulligan
> paula poundstone

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