+ 'there's a new movie opening today that looks pretty good', craig ferguson shares, 'its called 'the spy next door', it stars jackie chan. you dont really need to know what a movies about if jackie chan is in it, if jackie chan is in a movie its probably got fighting in it. you wont see jackie chan wasting time in a stuffy english drama. the spy next door is an action comedy. belly laughs mixed with extreme violence- thats entertainment right there. usually destruction doesnt mix well with violence, just look at nbc's late night lineup. anyway, in the movie jackie chan babysits his girlfriends children, teaching them important lessons: stay in school, eat your vegetables, the best way to kill a man is with a full diaper. its not that difficult. the toughest part is filling the diaper...'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: hongo- mushroom!

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