+ 'now if you havent heard the news about the late night war thing, then congratulations, you have a life.' craig ferguson says, 'apparently jay leno is going back to 11:30. its not a smooth transition though, a lot of feeling are getting hurt. now, i like jay and conan, i honestly feel for them both. you know the world is on its ass when dave and i are the stable ones! it was really awkward this weekend at the late night club house. you know we all live together in a big house? its like jersey shore. i share a room with jimmy fallon. he's farty, but its ok cause he's on the bottom bunk. david letterman is the king of the household, he has his own room. no one knows what goes on in there except his lawyers and the fbi... its my last show everybody! the nbc wing is very confusing: jay leno used to have his own room, but now he shares with conan. carson daly doesnt get his own room, he just sits in the corner going 'trl, trl, trl...'. now, i know most people dont care about late night tv, and i dont blame them. before i got this job i didnt give a rats ass about late night tv. even now i dont give a rats ass! i think thats perfectly evident by the quality of this show! the media has been going nuts on this thing though. what i'm saying i think is, its a bunch of middle aged white guys fighting over who gets x number of millions of dollars, who gives a fuck?'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: albondiga- meatball

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