+ craig ferguson starts off the show with a funny bit with jason segel and his pee pee.
+ 'there's two big birthdays in the world of music today', craig ferguson shares, 'david bowie is 63 today, ziggy stardust still looks good, i hope i look that good when im 63. i'll probably look like a stained old sofa when i'm 63. its also the kings birthday, elvis presley, he would have been 75 today. elvis and david bowie are very different though, one of them was a music legend who was wacked out on drugs and wore sparkly jumpsuits... actually, they are pretty similar if you think about it. anyway, david bowie has always been surrounded by rumors that he was gay, now the gay rumors started with a misunderstanding because he did an interview with a british journalist who got the impression he was gay. i dont know why, it might have been the part of the interview when david bowie said 'i'm gay'. then a few years later david bowie's ex wife said she caught him in bed with mick jager, which i dont believe, i dont see mick jager as someone who swings both ways... i miss the day when rock stars were known for decadent sexual behavior, now if you want to see that sort of thing, you have to watch golf. rock and roll used to be unpredictable and rebellious, now most rock stars are just corporate monkeys dancing for pennies thrown by the man. and thats my thing, so knock it off, you bastards!'
- jason segel he and craig have so much fun, he ends up staying for the whole show!

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