+ 'i'm talking about fashion tonight', craig ferguson discusses, 'because tonight marks the return of one of my favorite shows on tv, project runway. its back in its original home, new york city. last season it was in l.a., and frankly a show about fashion does not work in l.a. people in l.a. dont want to fashionable, they want to look like they just got home from the gym. they wear work out clothes, they listen to the jonas brothers on thier ipods... maybe thats just me. what can i tell you, i love spandex. i do, i feels so good on me. spandex makes me feel young! it pushes it all back to where it used to be! why dont they make spankz for me?!? anyway, i'm glad that project runway is back in new york city because new york city is the capital of american fashion. when you take a new york fixture and you put it in l.a. if flounders. it would be like taking andy warhol from the new york art scene and putting him on the beach. putting a fashion show in l.a. is ridiculous, its like putting jay leno in primetime- it just doesnt work! you know what l.a. fashion is? its boobies. theres nothing wrong with that, i enjoy them immensely. new york fashion is about no boobies. see, new york fashion models cant have boobies, it would throw them off when they do that walk, you cant have everything moving around! new york fashion is all about shoulders and necks and turning these young women into giraffes.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: cacahuete- peanut!

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