+ rosie o'donnell lipsyncs 'addicted to love', while craig and his regulars are dressed in black dresses and red lipstick!
+ 'its a very sad day today for american literature', craig ferguson shares, 'the legendary author j.d. salinger died today at the age of 91. well, he was 91, it terribly sad, but he was 91. he was best known for 'the catcher in the rye'.' at which point a member of the audience claps. 'he cant hear you. look, even when he was alive, i happened to know that he never watched this show... catcher in the rye was the first part of salinger's famous trilogy: 'catcher in the rye', 'shortstop in the rye', and 'catcher in the rye 3: rye harder'. no, no. there is no sequel to 'catcher in the rye'! it sold 65 million copies, but salinger did not want to exploit it for profit, and i respect his refusal to let his work get over commercialized. it reminds me of my autobiography 'american on purpose', which is available at bookstores nation wide... or my other book, 'between the bridge and the river' available at fine bookstores. i wont have that one over commercialized either...'
- rosie o'donnell
= wilco

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