+ craig ferguson mixes things up a bit and starts off with the 'what did we learn on the show tonight, craig?' bit.
+ 'the people up in canada are very nice', craig ferguson shares, 'but the animals in canada are bastards. now here's something you probably wont hear on the discovery channel, but polar bears are douche bags. its true! in northern canada the polar bears are jerks, the polar bears, this is true, is one of the few animals that will hunt you down for fun! i saw one following me the whole time i was in canada, sitting a few rows behind me on the airplane trying to look incognito in a hat and a magazine. i dont know what he was reading, i think it was 'bear's life'. once they start following you, you cant get rid of them!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: oso- bear!
+ at the end of the show craig welcomes us all and says 'stay tuned for the rest of the show!' weird...

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