+ 'a lot of people in l.a. are very upset about what happened yesterday', craig ferguson shares, 'the golden globe awards got rained on. do you watch the golden globe awards? no, i dont either. anyway, the golden globes, if you dont know, is an awards show that i will never be at. its also an awards show thats put on by the hollywood foreign press association, basically its 100 people who work for a prestigious news organizations like the amsterdam penny saver, or the beriln newsenpoopen. they have this big award show, usually they put big tents over the red carpet, but yesterday they decided to save money and not put up tents- and it was not pretty! the celebrities make up was all washed off, revealing their true age, many of them. turns out dakota fanning is 45- shes just a cute little person! i suspected it when i saw her in that funny car. some celebs actually melted in the rain. the cast of desperate housewives had to hide under kim kardashians ass. it was terrible!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: hamburguesa- hamburger!
- marion cotillard
= steve jones from the sex pistols talk and sing

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