+ craig ferguson plays some outtakes of morgan freeman's recording the opening for cbs news. very funny!
+ 'have you seen the avatar movie? it looks like its going to pass by titanic as the most successful movie of all time. and i'm like 'uh oh!' cause i still havent seen it! i know what your thinking 'but craig, thats a massive pop culture phenomenon you've completely ignored!' damn right there is! right there i ignored it, i zig when you zag, bitches! i just called you bitches, i'm so sorry... one of the reasons avatar has made so much money is because 3D tickets are more expensive. i think the studios should think about a sliding scale for movie tickets. for a good movie, like avatar, thats ok, i dont mind paying a bit extra. for an ok movie, charge a little bit less, and for a terrible movie, the studio pays you. i think it will work! the theater has a shady guy outside asking 'have you heard about the morgans?' (hands over a couple bucks) 'how about now? you hear about them now?'!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: bigote- mustache!
- alan alda
- anna kendrick

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