+ craig mixes it up a bit and starts off with the guests instead of the monologue.
+ 'what we would like to celebrate tonight is the birthday of one of the greatest musicians to ever live. wolfgang amadeus mozart. its his birthday today. no please, do not applaud, he cannot hear you, he's dead. 'mozart's dead?!?' yes, but if he were alive today he would be saying 'get me out of ze coffin- i'm alive!' mozart is, of course, from austria and his birthday is a big deal over there. they are always trumpeting the fact that mozart is from there. i think that they try to do is take your mind off of any other very famous austrians... he wrote over 600 pieces of classical music, best know for his master work 'rock me, amadeus'. somepeople prefer bethoven over mozart, i like all the greats, mozart, bethoven, lady gaga...'.

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