+ 'i was talking to the audience before hand, because i was talking about canadians', craig ferguson shares, 'i'm going to see some canadians this weekend and i'm very excited. i enjoy the company of canadians, which is lucky cause they live right on the border. so anyway, i was explaining to some members of the audience that canadians are shy, and i said 'you know, like an octopus'. appearently people dont know that octopuses are shy. but they are. you know why? ever seen one at a party? no. i rest my case. i know what you are thinking, but they do get invited. 'we will have to invite your sister, and your sisters husband even though he's a jerk. what about that lovely octopus we met when we were on holiday' 'should we?' 'yeh, lets invite him!' the mail goes through, invitation arrives somewhat soggy at the octopuses cave, the octopus opens the envelope- with ease!- and the octopus goes 'oh, how lovely to hear from those lovely people i met on holiday last year. oh, they've invited me to a party! no... i'm shy. like canadians'.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: travesti- transvestite!
- keri russell
> jake johannsen

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