craig on who

the latest issue of entertainment weekly has a cover story about 'the cult of doctor who', which craig ferguson happens to be a big fan of.  in fact, matt smith, the current doctor who, had his first american television interview on the late late show with craig ferguson!  the article is about how doctor who has changed over the past few years from a small british tv show into a smash that continues to win over many american viewers.  in the article they talk with craig about his obvious love of the doctor:
'craig ferguson insists his who references on the late late show reflect less a desire to publicize the icon from the old country than an attempt to keep his own show fresh.  "i have to do a show that's interesting to me, because you'd lose your mind otherwise," says the scot, whose who viewing dates back to the late 60's.  "my show is about whatever the fuck i want to do.  if i want to dance around singing doctor who tunes, i'm going to do it!"'.
check out more about one of craig's favorite shows, and the rest of entertainment weekly's coverage, over at their website!

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