+ 'everyone is making sure they go home early', craig ferguson shares, 'because tonight is a very important night, nobody wanted to miss this, in the world of television: tonight was the finale of hgtv's design star!  have you seen the show?  its great!  interior designers fight to the death like gladiators.  its either to the death, or until they design a fabulous breakfast nook.  their motto is 'guts, glory, and glam!'  which is also the name of my testicles...  like anything else, interior design is subjective.  what you like i may hate, what i like you may hate.  the only difference is you would be wrong!  i decorated a room in my apartment from scratch, its amazing what you can do with imagination.  and 32 life size justin bieber posters!  anyway, the competition on design star can get pretty intense, every week they kick somebody out, but i guess they do that on all reality shows.  jeff probst on survivor says 'the tribe has spoken'.  i dont know what they say on design star, its probably something like 'get the feng shui out of here!'.'
- minnie driver
- colin mochrie

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