+ vince vaughn stops by to watch craig do the pre monologue segment.
+ 'it is a big day on my calender, i know the audience members are all very excited about this as well', craig ferguson shares, 'it is the birthday, or course, of carl jung, the swiss psychoanalyst!  i celebrated jung's birthday today by integrating my conscious with my unconscious while still maintaining their respective autonomies.  how about you?  i know what you are thinking, you are thinking 'oh here we go again, another late night host with a crowd pleasing monologue about the the founding of psychology!'  carl jung is a legend in the world of psychology, his famous theories include the collective unconscious, the process of individuation, and his most famous: beer before liquor never sicker!  personally, i think therapy is fantastic. it combines two of my favorite things: talking about myself and lying down!'.
- emile hirsch
- ariel tweto

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