+ 'hi everybody, good evening.' craig ferguson addresses from his desk.  'obviously the events of today would make it very difficult to broadcast a show tonight which began with the phrase 'its a great day for america'.  i dont know if you know this, our late night show, and in fact all late night shows are prerecorded. as chance would have it, the show you are about to see, tonights show, was recorded last night, before the terrible events in colorado.  and the monologue in that show was kind of about batman and the movie.  i felt that it was inappropriate to show that monologue tonight.  the rest of the show was fine and it was just our show, and i didnt want to pull the whole show off the air because i thought that would be unfair to our guests, and i didnt want to make a whole show about the events of colorado.  i'm sure there's been a lot of media coverage and there will be a lot more and i didnt want to add my rage and despair to everyone elses.  my job, i think here, is to give you a laugh or something interesting at the end of the day, maybe something to entertain you and is a bit silly.  there are times when that is very difficult to do.  i'm not going to try to make sense of it, i'm not going to try to blame anyone for what happened there.  how do you make sense of anything like that?  the difficulty in the job that i have sometimes if you have a show everyday, is to be topical but at the same time i try for the most part to ignore stories which are grizzly.  its not really my job, its being covered everywhere else.  but here tonight i cant ignore this one, but neither can i talk about it in front of an audience and the skeleton robot and all that.  that doesnt make sense either.  tonights show is what we try to do here, its a bit of fun, something easy before you go to sleep.  if you are watching in aurora, if you are in any way connected to this awful business: i'm sorry.  i'm sorry that that happened.  its just awful.  my thoughts and simpathies to al the people who were there.  i just remember that we are all diminished by this.'
- jason biggs
+ celebrity book readings.  jeff garlin reads from his book 'curbing it'.
- jordana brewster
brian scolaro

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