+ 'its not such a great day over in england', craig ferguson explains, 'they are going nuts over in london!  or as they say over in england 'things are higledy bigledy over here!  everyone is going bonkers!'  londoners are finding out that its not so easy to prepare for the olympics, the city is gridlocked.  i used to live in london and the city is always gridlocked.  eight million people live in london, and they are expecting four more for the olympics.  four more million, not just four more people!  four people are coming to the olympics?  'oh, blimey!  its a disaster! only four people showed up!'  twelve million people are expected in london.  to give you an idea of how many people that is, take the number of people who watch this show and add 12 million!  the games havent even started yet and the traffic is terrible.  people say they havent seen this many rearenders since elton john's last party.'
- cedric the entertainer
- ari graynor

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