+ 'its friday! a bunch of movies coming out this weekend', craig ferguson shares, 'the movie ted, its about the teddy bear that learned how to cuss, also magic mike, about a bunch of male strippers.  i dont need to see that, i lived that!  i danced under the name floaty powers.  i remember a bear named ted that enjoyed my work, actually.  also tyler perry's madea's witness protection opens and we have tyler perry on the show tonight!  tyler perry plays three roles in the movie, which is impressive and also economically very clever.  a lot of people say 'that tyler perry, he's a bit of a business man', you bet he is!  'lets see, who's in this movie?  me, i could do that too!  and i could give myself a salery for that one too!'  i think its impressive, most nights i can barely muster the energy to play with myself here.  ooh!  i mean play myself!'
- tyler perry

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