+ 'it is a great day for our friend over in britan.  they are called 'the british'. craig ferguson states, 'they won the tour de france!  the tour de france was won by bradley wiggins.  he is the first english man to triumph in france since henry the fifth opened a can of whoop ass and agincourt.  you are welcome five people...  in london today thousands of people drank and rioted, and then they heard about the tour de france!  i'd like to learn more about bicycling, i guess you'd say i'm 'bi-curious'.  come on, thats a great joke!  anyway, i am interested in any exercise that involves a lot of sitting down.  although, the real reason i dont do a lot of cycling is because it makes my junk numb.  however, i do know that when biking, your first task is safety.  you shouldnt take any chances, that why i wear a helmet up top and downstairs!  a lot of these professional bikers have a lot of problems with chaffing, you know, down below.  they use something called 'butt butter'.  thats what they call it.  butt butter, it prevents irritation down there, but man, does it taste awful on toast!'
- george hamilton
- julie gonzalo

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