+ 'its a great day for the people of manhatten', criag ferguson states, 'manahatten today has been named new york's sexiest borough.  named by who?!?  anyway, theres two reasons: a. of all the bouroughs, manhatten has the hightest percentage of people who have downloaded '50 shades of grey'.  everybody's crazy about this book right now, its a very popular work of erotica.  its very important that you call it erotica, if women like it its called erotica, if men like it its called porn.  women like to read their porn, men like to see it.  the only time porn and erotica can be the same thing at the same time is when a man gets caught watching porn- no! its erotica!  the 50 shades of grey book is very racey, its about what the folks call bdsm.  it stands for bondage, discipline, scrotum and meatballs, i think.  you know, all that bondage stuff with the whips and the chains and the spankings, the purple nerpals, the reverse teletubies...  he fifty shades books are written by a british woman named e.l. james and right now she makes over a million dollars a week on these books.  so her safe word is 'ka-ching'!  she used to work as a tv executive, so she has a lot of experience in humiliating other people!'
- julie chen
- chris messina

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