+ 'the big movie i'm interested in this weekend is the raven', craig ferguson states, 'it looks creepy because its about edger allen poe, who was a big creepy dude.  he was like the 19th century kardashian.  he was a brilliant writer, so i guess he's nothing like a kardashian.  what?  thats news?  'craig, are you saying that the kardashians are not america's foremost literary family?'  thats exactly what i'm saying!  there is no other writer quite like edger allen poe, there's none that can make your spine tingle quite like him.  then again, any writer can make your spine tingle if you are reading on the washing machine...  edger allen poe is most famous for his poem entitled 'the raven'.  thats why the movie is called the raven.  i'd like to see the movie just so i can yell at the screen 'thats so raven!'.'
- patton oswalt
- phoebe tonkin

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