+ still in scotland, craig shows us around the kalvingrove art gallery and museum, stopping to check out the christ of st. john of the cross by dali, and checking out the egyptian section of the gallery as well.  back at the castle, craig and geoff hang out at the piano and play another song.
+ michael caine in space in scotland. now in edinburgh, craig and mila kunis stop in at deacon brodie's tavern for a quick drink where they discuss the creepy history of the place.
+ prince charles' castle.  craig and ariel tweto talk about a spitfire plane hanging in the kalvingrove art gallery and museum and have a little pilot talk.
+ craig takes mila kunis and ariel tweto to a local store that sells scottish things.  the two ladies try on kilts and get to be silly with craig around the store.
+ back at the tron bar, craig once again has an impromptu late late show with geoff peterson by his side.  this time, the two of them talk with the 'scottish elvis', fred macaulay.  the two of them talk about when they knew each other when they used to do stand up comedy in the good old days.
+ more evening crumpets with rashida jones, ariel tweto, and davis sedaris.  they get the chance to talk about igloos, scottish accents, swearing, and tattoos.  another performance by the imagineers.

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