+ 'its a great day for scotland', craig ferguson says while walking the streets of his hometown, 'this is cumbernauld, you've probably heard about it.  ha ha!  no you havent!  its about 13 miles out of glasgow, its where i lived as a child.  this, behind me, is the first house i lived in.  its weird because everything is a lot bigger than i thought it was going to be, i thought it would be smaller, but everything is bigger than i remember it: my house, the street, my genitals.  back then, all i thought about was my house, my street, and my genitals.  now, i never think about my house and my street.'
craig then stops by his old school and check out how things have changed.  craig also sits down at a piano with geoff at the glamis castle.  he even writes a song about how much he loves geoff...
+ michael caine in space in scotland.  michael clarke duncan and craig chat while enjoying some chocolate covered raisins in front of craig's old garage.  while filming in front of his old house, craig even gets invited in by the current resident!  the two of them chat for a while as craig regales her with strange stories of his youth.
+ prince charles' castle.  craig and michael clarke duncan wander through craig's old school, even stopping in to a classroom and talking with the current students.  craig also stops in to talk to walter muir, the head teacher at the school to ask him about how things have changed since craig was there.  muir presents craig with a few gifts: the school uniform tie, and a framed copy of the school ledger from all those years ago that shows craig dropping out of school!  craig and geoff do another impromptu version of the late late show in the school's parking lot, answering tweets and emails in front of the students.
+ evening crumpets once again with david sedaris, ariel tweto, and rashida jones.  a performance by the imagineers.  also, a strange time warp meeting between craig ferguson as an adult and his younger self when he used to live here.  strange!

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