as the years go by, craig ferguson gets better and better dressed!  years ago, back when craig ferguson was just coming into his own on 'the late late show with craig ferguson', craig opted out of the traditional clothing for a talk show host: the suit and tie.  he never quite ditched the suit, but the tie was nowhere to be found.  as time went on, either the pressure from cbs got too much, or because he wanted a change, craig started wearing a tie.  he didnt go all in, always having to stick it to the man at least a little bit, he would wear their tie, but he kept it loose and the top button of his shirt was always undone.  well, it seems like he has made peace with the tie, tightening it up all the way to the top, and he's even begun wearing a vest under his jacket!  oh la la!  it kind of goes against the loose structure of the show, but i'm starting to think thats exactly why he does it.  he hasnt really addressed his reason for the change, but when he does, i'll keep you posted!

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