+ craig ferguson and his guests ride around on a tiny train and tiny truck in arbroath!
+ stopping for a snack, craig stops to get a smokie in dundee.  more michael caine in space in scotland.
+ prince charles' castle.  sitting on the beach in arbroath with rashida jones.
+ craig sits down in the middle of arbroath abbey with alex salmond, the first minister of scotland.  they have a very enlightening conversation about the declaration of arbroath as well as the ins and outs of scottish independence.
+ craig and geoff fishing off the end of the pier in arbroath.  back at the tron club, craig holds an impromptu version of 'the late late show' with geoff peterson, and interviews mila kunis.
+ back enjoying a smokie with ariel tweto.  another performance by the imagineers.  a moment on the plane to scotland with ariel tweto.

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