+ 'its not a great day if you live here in l.a. who are trying to drive and get around', craig ferguson shares, 'multiple freeways are shut down because president obama is in town for a fundraiser.  forty grand a plate!  cause nothing says 'man of the people' like demanding forty grand for some rubbery chicken.  they are calling this fundraiser 'starmageddon' because a lot of big hollywood stars are going to be there.  they are having up at george clooney's house up in studio city.  its a nice area, i like that some l.a. neighborhoods are named for exactly what they are.  studio city has movie studios there, right across the freeway from north douchetown, next to the kardashian tar pits.  which is where they go to get waxed.'
* christiane amanpour
- anna kendrick

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