+ craig ferguson goes to scotland!  his journey starts out in his normal studio in los angeles, and after a quick song, he heads into the tardis with secretariat.  it disappears and emerges at glamis castle in northern scotland.  after sharing some cool info about the castle, he heads off to do some fishing with geoff peterson at the arbroath harbour.
+michael caine in space in scotland
craig and mila kunis walk around the glasgow necropolis and talk about life and death as they check out the monument to john knox at the center of the cemetery.
+ craig and michael clarke duncan wander the streets of craig's hometown cumbernauld and head into a local bar, the spur hotel, that holds a lot of history for craig.  'the last time i was here i got beat up', craig ferguson shares, 'see, if you would have been here i would have been alright!  want to hear the story?'
'sure' replies duncan
'this is how my finger got broken:  i was in here 30 years ago.  i was downstairs and cal calhoune walked in.  here's the thing, he was cal calhoune, the best fighter in the town.  when he comes in to the bar downstairs, heres what happened was, unfortunately there was a girl sitting on my knee.  he got pretty mad cause it was his girlfriend.'
'what were you doing with his girlfriend?'
'well, there were hardly any seats... she used my leg.  i didnt want to be rude' craig replies.  'he kicked my ass right up those stairs cause i was running away.  he kicked me in the side of my head and broke my finger, ever since then my finger is bent, and you want to know the weirdest thing?  my first born son's finger is bent in the same place!'
+ craig and rashida jones walk down the beach at arbroath.  later, at the tron theater, craig holds a bare bones version of his show with geoff peterson.  his guest is ariel tweto and he chat for a while in front of a packed house.
+ back at glamis castle, criag enjoys some evening crumpets with rashida jones, david sedaris, and ariel tweto. they have a rather interesting discussion about colostomy bags and amputations...  we end with a performance by the imagineers.

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