+ 'i had a fantastic weekend', craig ferguson shares, 'i was doing the stand up comedy in the pacific northwest.  i was up in portland oregon.  i love it up there, its so relaxed!  the city motto is 'whatever, dude'.  they say theres a lot of hipsters up there.  but i'm like 'what is a hipster?'  because i'm into doctor who, i like vinyl records, i'm a griffindor.  does that make me a hipster?  more of a dorkster?  only the sorting hat knows for sure!  or maybe i'm just a creepy old douche.  anyway, i went to a great dinner in portland, it was very old school, it was the original hot cakes and steak house.  i was confused at first because of the name.  hot cakes and steak.  that was the name of the boy band i was in in the 80's with mario lopez!  anyway, i was at this dinner in portland, i was there quite late because of this show i was working on so i went quite late.  there were a couple other patrons there about 2:00 am and they seemed... hungry...  i dont want to say that people in portland smoke a lot of weed, but the state bird is the iguana!'
- jim gaffigan
-> cat cora

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