+ 'big movie opening today, the one everyone has been talking about: the avengers', craig ferguson shares, 'this is the movie that combines all your favorite superheroes, except batman and spider-man and superman and aquaman.  and the michelin man, and the director michael man, and the singer aimee mann.  i dont know who's in the movie.  its got iron man and and a bunch of other men.  and any movie with that many men in it- where do i buy a ticket, mister?  anyway,  the avengers is the first blockbuster of the summer.  it costs 220 million dollars to make.  now, to give you an idea how much money that it, if you take the yearly budget of this show and add 220 million dollars...  apparently the original comic of the avengers had another superhero who was called ant man.  this is true, but they didnt put him in the movie.  ant man would have been awesome!  he could solve any problem, right or wrong, provided it took place at a picnic!'
- zooey deschanel
- patrick warburton

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