bag of quarters

when a guest is done on the late late show with craig ferguson, they are offered an option on how they would like to end their time: awkward pause, mouth organ, or go for the big cash prize.  usually the guests go for the big cash prize, which is a stack of fifty singles that they can win.  recently though, the stack of singles has been replaced with a bag full of quarters!  why the change?  well, craig explains the new money bag when he offers it to 'NCIS' star mark harmon: 'we have the big cash prize which is fifty dollars in quarters!  and you know its real because its in a sack with a dollar sign on it!  CBS just decided that if i give out the prize in quarters there's more chance the celebrities will give it back!  i've just been giving out 50 dollars in singles and everybody is like 'awesome!' and they are out of here.  and then the agents are like 'hey, five of that's mine! five of that's mine!'

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jess said...

why doesn't have 'touch my glittery ball' anymore?