+ 'it's boy scout day today', craig ferguson shares, 'yes!  this is the big day if you are a boy scout, the boy scouts were founded 102 years ago this very day.  the real boy scout slogan is 'do a good turn daily' which is kind of vague.  what does it mean?  do i just turn like this?  i think i just got a merit badge in 'fierce'!  i was briefly a member of the boy scouts when i was ten years old.  my dad signed me up, he said the boy scouts would be something for us to share together.  he dropped me off a meeting and said 'let me know how it goes'. oh laugh at my pain.  in scotland the scout masters had the exact same uniforms as the boys, you know, the same shorts, the same badges, the same canteen filled with whiskey!  i went to a boy scout camp the short time i was there, it was a place called windy ridge.  we were sleeping in sleeping bags and it was so cold, i was a little nervous, i had never been away from home before, and i peed my sleeping bag.  this is true, in a weird twist of fate, the pee escaped from my sleeping bag.  i dont want to be too graphic about it, but the pee landed on the sleeping bag of the boy sleeping next to me in the tent.  so it would appear that he had peed his sleeping bag, when i knew all the time it was me!  so when i woke up i did what any boy scout would do: i blamed him for peeing on himself!  and for the rest of the trip everyone called him mr. peebody.  and years later i won the peabody award for talking to desmond tutu about doing the right thing even when no one is looking!  its so ironic!  thats true!'
- christina applegate
# brad goreski

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