+ 'it is a great day for america's favorite plastic doll: ryan seacrest.' craig ferguson corrects 'no no, the original barbie debuted on this day in 1959.  the original barbie is now worth ten thousand dollars!  you know what that means?  i have got eighty grand on my night stand!  thank you, gentleman callers!  i'm very excited today, and not just because of barbie, i'm excited about barbie every single day!  today and tomorrow in new york city is the event i look forward to all year:  the westminster dog show!  there are many dog shows of course, but westminster is the big one.  its the oscars of dog shows.  the westminster dog show and the oscars are very different of course, one is nothing but yapping and butt sniffing, and the other is the dog show...'
- carol burnett
# phil keoghan

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